Aotearoa New Zealand: Inter and Outernational Struggles

During my five years in Aotearoa New Zealand, I undertook work that helped to retrieve the inter-connections of indigenous struggles in the Pacific with those of the African Diaspora (Outernational). I did this in order to contribute to the appreciation of the global impact/coordinates/influence of/on these indigenous struggles, and also to help to support the notion that indigenous struggle has been consistent for many, many years, is still vital, current, and everyone’s business to support. Another reason was to help to flesh out the global coordinates of African struggles and their long-woven interconnections with other struggles.

I often show my students this 1870s map of the British Empire:

Imperial Narcissism

All eyes face Britannica. This is a colonial fantasy. Peoples were talking to and/or thinking of each-other behind her back!!!!

I’ve loaded up on Flickr some pictures I picked up along the way. The majority of them I uploaded because they are pictures you might not find elsewhere. I’ve put a few short commentaries underneath each.

Here are these Inter and Outer national struggles

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